1. How much time it takes to get my Cashback?
    Usually you can see your earned pending cashback in your account within 1-4 business days. It takes 30-45 days from every merchant to confirm your sale, and once we receive the confirmation from merchant you can see that pending cashback amount as “Confirmed” in your cashback.
  2. What happens if I use the coupons outside the CouponsnCashback.com?
    Using the coupons outside the CouponsnCashback.com will void your Cashback. You can get only the coupon discount what the merchant have offered but you are not eligible for cashback provided by CouponsnCashback.com.
  3. How do I request cashback?
    When you request a minimum of Rs. 7 Confirmed cashback amount to your Indian bank account by IMPS. An amount less than Rs. 7 will not be entertained. A convenience fee of 5% (minimum rs. 1) + IMPS transaction charge will be deducted from the amount you requested.